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The 3rd European Chemsex Forum, Paris, 14-16 November 2019

Chemsex is the sexualised use of potent substances, predominantly in the context of “gay hookup culture” and sex apps, by gay, bi and other men who have sex with men, trans, non-binary and other people. Chemsex may become problematic, impacting sexual, mental and physical health, and social wellbeing. Problematic chemsex behaviours can facilitate HIV, HCV and STI transmission. Chemsex response exists, but a significant gap in understanding and data on the phenomenon, limited effective interventions, and community denial necessitate our rigorous, multi-disciplinary initiative [1].

The European Chemsex Forum initiative launched in 2015 with clinical, therapeutic, research and community chemsex responders. The first Forum (2016) spotlighted the issues and called for a strategic, hope-filled response. We created an online platform for communication, data sharing/storage and solidarity with chemsex responders in WHO European cities. The second Forum (2018) was more inclusive of Easterners, migrants, sex workers and trans people. It focused on root causes including loneliness, stigma and lack of community support.

For more information see for reference the chemsex position paper developed after the 2nd Forum.

The 3rd European Chemsex Forum will be a 2½ day, multi-disciplinary event, in Paris, 14-16 November 2019. Activities include an evening opening with key note speeches on Thursday, the Data and Evidence Day on Friday, and the Community Mobilisation Day on Saturday.

The draft programme, based on latest research and community activities, will be announced in early August.

Up to 250 participants will participate, coming from across WHO Europe and across the spectrum of people and professions impacted by Chemsex, including people engaged or formerly engaged in chemsex; public health, sexual health, HIV and hepatitis service users, health workers, clinicians, researchers and campaigners; drug and counselling services; policy makers and commissioners; community leaders, volunteers, and members of the community.


We encourage participation by people who engage in chemsex including gay men, MSM, trans and non-binary people and others. We encourage participation by people from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus regions. We encourage participation by people from locations where chemsex use has been identified but there is not yet adequate chemsex response.

[1] Tom Platteau, Nia Dunbar, Bryan Teixeira, Stephen Pelton and Ben Collins



Thursday evening to Saturday late afternoon, 14-16 November 2019


English, Russian and French simultaneous translations

 Geographical remit:

WHO Europe including Central Asia and the Caucasus regions.  Applications and abstracts from outside the region will be considered

Call for abstracts

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Due to the large amount of applications received the review of the abstracts has taken longer than we expected. We will be notifying applicants with the outcome shortly

Cost of registration

Registration fees will be based on the classification of your country’s income from the World Bank

  • Low-income country 50€ or scholarship (exemptions)
  • Lower-middle country 75€ or scholarship (exemptions)
  • Upper-middle country 100€ or scholarship (exemptions)
  • High income country 150€


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