Black Lives Matter

Health Matters

ReShape/IHP stands in solidarity wtih Black Lives Matter and the diverse and inspiring international protests against racism, sexism and authoritarianism going on around the world.

We struggle for sexual health, mental health and social well-being with a primary focus currently on effective responses to HIV and viral hepatitis treatment access and prevention-related issues, in partnerships with key and affected populations, especially those who are, or are deemed to be, marginalised.

Here is a near perfectly reasoned call by Greg Millett to centre marginalised communities: Casualties on the road to ending HIV, July 2020
Context matters in addressing HIV disparities. From the very beginning of the 40-year HIV pandemic until today, HIV disparities have remained an intractable issue. This International AIDS Society plenary explores these disparities in multiple contexts and populations, as well as their drivers and solutions.

He also talks about COVID confounding the problems for these same marginalised populations. Practically he’s speaking about addressing homelessness with stable housing, ensuring reliable incomes, reducing discrimination and ensuring culturally appropriate healthcare for those most at risk, including sexual health, testing, linkage to care and treatment access. It’s 27 minutes long.

Covid-19 is a lens which has exposed the increasing suffering imposed on people, especially marginalised people, across the world.
ReShape/IHP also recognises these are confusing times; isolating times. Inequality has been advancing for decades and instead of solidarity, the experience for too many of us has been greater distance, greater confusion, less information we can trust and more social loneliness.

Black Lives Matter and so many other social movements this past year have lead the response. We’re hopeful for greater change.

Inspired by their actions we encourage and highlight movement building, joining demonstrations when possible, information sharing, networking, mutual mentoring, donations and petition signing — anything people can do to make positive change and come a bit virtually closer with each other.
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