Who We Are

Visionary approaches and partnerships for sexual health, mental health and social wellbeing

IHP is an effective project generator, think tank, consultancy, networking, mentorship and administrative resource.

We engage with a wide range of UK and international partners to develop successful responses to HIV, hepatitis and interrelated sexual and mental health issues which address the concerns of key and most affected populations.

In 2012, IHP convened ReShape, a think tank to reshape the response to new and longstanding treatment opportunities like combination prevention, PrEP and HCV drug access and challenges like ageing, problematic chemsex, sexual health and social well-being.

Our Mission

International HIV Partnerships (IHP) supports, builds and implements visionary advances towards sexual health, mental health and social wellbeing.

We forge partnerships for action and platforms for dialogue, resource sharing, mutual mentorship and planning, with HIV, HCV and other community, clinical, research, government and industry leaders.


Our Vision

1. Our highest goal is sexual health, mental health and social wellbeing for all. We work toward this goal through our programmes and activities, with the cooperation of our partners, bringing focussed attention and funding to key and most affected populations and regions. We work with and for those most impacted by HIV, hepatitis, and interrelated diseases, with a specific focus on marginalised and/or vulnerable populations. In accordance with the 2017 Paris Community Declaration, we insist on “Nothing about us without us.” We fight for inclusivity, understanding, social justice and change.

2. Global access to quality sexual health and education, combination prevention, treatment, diagnostics and care for those facing HIV, hepatitis, TB and STIs. This can include:

  • Community engagement and mobilisation to design and promote best possible combination prevention practices for key and most affected populations
  • Safe, community-friendly and frequent testing (as necessary) for HIV, hepatitis, other STIs, and TB for key and most affected populations
  • Speedy linkage to quality treatment and care and a focus on those regions, like Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with limited treatment options and diagnostics
  • PEP and PrEP when needed, in the context of combination prevention
  • Condoms and lubricant on demand
  • Policies based on TasP and U=U, with universal low-cost viral load testing to verify one’s treatment and viral load status
  • Prevention of vertical transmission from mother to child
  • Immunisation for HBV and HPV
  • Harm reduction for sexual and substance use practices
  • Reinforcing legal and structural frameworks guaranteeing key and most affected populations’ access to work, housing, healthcare, education and personal safety.


Our 2020 Aims


We aim to

Manifest the transformative 21st century social and scientific developments in HIV and hepatitis: combination prevention/protection, broader access to effective treatments and diagnostics, TasP, U=U and PrEP

Interrogate and undermine the foundations of stigma, self-stigma and discrimination, which are based in dated 20th century thinking, fear and misunderstanding surrounding AIDS, homosexuality and hepatitis

Interrogate and undermine the foundations of stigma, self-stigma and discrimination, which are based in dated 20th century thinking, fear and misunderstanding surrounding AIDS, homosexuality and hepatitis

Encourage a strategic focus on key affected population issues and promote safe places, information sharing, mutual mentoring and collaboration

Challenge austerity and promote strategies to rebuild faltering health economies

ReShape/International HIV Partnerships is a, not for profit, Community Interest Companies (CIC) registered in England and Wales.

Our activities are governed by our board, Marc Ennals and Ben Collins (founder), and coordinated by our secretariat, consisting of two staff − Ben Collins and Nia Dunbar, with a growing group of UK and international volunteers, consultants and partners, including Sylvie Beaumont, Stephen Pelton, Bryan Teixeira and Bernard Kelly.


Ben Collins


Ben's Bio

Nia Dunbar

Communications Lead

Nia's Bio

Anjula Weeranayake

IT Lead

Anjula's Bio


Sylvie Beaumont


Sylvie's Bio

Based in France, Sylvie has been working on issues relating to HIV since the late 80s when she started work as a volunteer to translate some of the vital information coming out of the English-speaking world into French.

She eventually joined NAM/aidsmap in the 90s as international editor and worked on the development of a multilingual platform aiming to facilitate networking, and information sharing between HIV organisations across the world.

Since 2014, she has worked closely with International HIV Partnership and ReShape, its UK sister organisation, on a variety of projects.

She also carries on working on the development of multilingual platforms specialising in HIV as well as knowledge sharing and content distribution platforms on a variety of international projects.

Bryan Teixeira, PhD


Bryan's Bio

Bryan has been active in the HIV and sexual health field for over 30 years. He has worked on the frontline, been on the Board of a regional HIV service organisation, and served for 11 years as a CEO of NAZ in London. Since 2012, he has been working as a freelance consultant assisting with HIV policy research and development relative to key vulnerable populations, and supporting the senior management and governance of HIV organisations. Bryan also has extensive experience in high-level, multi-stakeholder meeting facilitation.

Bernard Kelly


Bernard's Bio

Bernard has worked in HIV/Sexual Health for over thirty years and currently leads the HIV team at St Georges Hospital in London. His convening and chairing of SexualCHEMistry , an event which brought together 120 people in 2014 to address the emerging chemsex crisis in the UK, led to his involvement in the European Chemsex Forum. In London and Berlin Bernard was responsible for organising the training days which preceded these Forums, and his abiding interest is in exploring how gay men embrace being fully alive. Whist he is a manager by accident, he remains an activist by design, and outside of work can regularly be found on the streets facing down the far right through his work with Stand Up To Racism and campaigning with Extinction Rebellion. Bernard finds himself belonging to many tribes and these days he is actively engaged in bringing them together

ReShape/IHP's Background

IHP and ReShape’s founder, Ben Collins, was involved in 1980’s-90’s HIV response at San Francisco’s Project Inform, the world’s first HIV treatment and information advocacy organization. He launched HIVTRI, a clinical training initiative, with Dr Mike Youle in Europe in 2005.

IHP was founded in 2010 for HIV treatment/diagnostic access and advocacy with isolated HIV clinicians and community activists in underserved regions including Central and Southeast Europe.

We launched the Network of Low HIV Prevalence Countries (NeLP) in Central and Southeast Europe (C&SEE) in collaboration with EATG and local community leaders.

We developed ECReCo (the European Clinical Research Course), an annual training for often isolated HIV clinicians, with EACS, now an intrinsic part of EACS’ global HIV Summer School.

As access issues became less acute in C&SEE, our focus broadened to treatment access, combination prevention and testing across WHO Europe and, when possible, Middle East and North Africa and beyond.

Meetings we’ve coordinated include: Community Testing in Turkey; Middle East & Central and Southeast Europe Cross-Regional Exchange; 1st International/5th National Conference, HIV/AIDS, Iran; HIV/AIDS in Islamic-majority settings, Malaysia; two national clinical trainings in India.

The Situation Today

Today, 21st century scientific and public health advances portend the end of HIV and hepatitis as major issues and should have the power to undermine the bases for stigma and discrimination. Yet, we lack the social and political will to manifest these advances in key regions in WHO Europe and elsewhere.

ReShape/International HIV Partnerships think tanks, advocacy work and goal to reshape and repower the HIV and hepatitis response has enhanced ReShape/IHP’s own response, capacity and vision. We are now focused towards broader goals of sexual health, mental health and social wellbeing for all, while always maintaining a focus on HIV and HCV key and most affected populations, their care and service providers.

ReShape/IHP’s is increasingly active in international policy discussions, community mobilisations and has expanded mutual mentoring opportunities amongst both developing and experienced organisers.

We are inspired by renewed activism in hepatitis and HIV; we endorse U=U; we promote PrEP access in the context of combination prevention; and we promote effective and non-judgmental, community-influenced chemsex responses. We consider ourselves a good model of productive engagement with our communities–we are impacting lives and changing policy.

Ben Collins, is chair of European Testing Week (ETW), serves on the advisory board of the EU’s Integrate Joint Action, serves on the scientific committee for EACS’ WAVE and ICRSE’s health advisory group, and is an EATG and AAE member. ReShape and IHP are the secretariat for the European Chemsex Forum and United 4 PrEP in the UK and VITO , a London-based LGBT film series.

Our Volunteer programme

We are blessed with supporters and advisers who work with us pro bono. We welcome volunteers to develop a project or an internship

Contact us at nd@ihp.hiv if you would like to volunteer